Reducing And Eliminating Taxes In Florida

As Hurricane Andrew battered South Florida and left a trail of devastation behind it, tax relief was considered a savior by many Floridians. Many citizens became angry at the government’s response to the tragedy as well as the way that the storm was covered up by politics. As a result, the IRS began targeting conservative groups with harsh tax demands. “We are here to help,” said acting IRS commissioner, Rebecca Braden.

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Now that the political gridlock that stemmed from Hurricane Andrew has been broken, Floridians can breathe a little easier as the process of filing taxes has begun again. Although some areas have not seen improvements so far, others have. Citizens in every area are anxiously waiting for the results and the notification that the IRS has made regarding tax relief and property taxes. In Broward county alone, officials say that nearly two hundred properties have been assessed as “abandoned” so far this year, and that number is expected to rise over the next couple weeks.

Beyond the property assessment process of Florida, however, there are other ways in which taxes in Florida can be reduced or eliminated. The biggest of these is the sales tax. Sales tax collections in Florida have lagged the rest of the nation, even though the national sales tax rate has been increased. Florida, however, has one of the lowest tax rates in the country, so it is not surprising that many Floridians are upset at being taxed more than they should be. In order to ensure that they are paying the right amount in taxes, people in Florida who are uncertain about their tax payments can use the services of a professional tax resolution firm.

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