Day: April 9, 2021

Why do RVs always need repairs?Why do RVs always need repairs?

Many RV owners are aware that they frequently need to do repairs on their campervans. Even if you purchase a new RV, you will end up spending a lot of time on maintenance and repairs. 

Prepare To Regularly Do Repairs on Your Motorhome

A lot of people like to travel around the country in their RV. in fact, in 2018, over 482,00 units were sold. Interest in this type of lifestyle keeps on growing, prompting manufacturers to move hundreds of thousands of units to dealerships every year.

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Nomadic millennials and baby boomers alike have contributed to this growth in demand but many of them are unprepared to immediately have to go back to the dealership to fix a problem.

Many people who buy a motorhome do so because they want to spend a great deal of time exploring the country. Some who make this type of purchase may have planned for years to take this step and they imagine an idyllic life where they can take trips at the drop of a hat.

In reality, you will always need to check your RV and make sure it is in god working order, if you want to be able to go on a trip at a moment’s notice.


RVs are not Vans

Many people who purchase RVs expect them to behave like vehicles. However, they are not and the differences may show up in unexpected ways, such as with their suspension system.

You will find that the suspension system of an RV is not like that of a car or van and this causes the vehicle to bounce around a bit as you drive. The amount of bouncing you experience will vary from one vehicle to another.

You may have to spend money to outfit your RV with new parts that allow it to function more as you would like it to. For example, if the suspension it currently has is a problem for you, you can have a new suspension put on the vehicle. Your motorhome will be much more comfortable after this type of change is made.

Plan For Customization

You will only realize what you truly need and want in the RV that you buy when you have bought it. All motor homes are different, and they will not all present you with the same kind of problems.

Once you have dealt with the issues that come with yours, you will feel much more comfortable in it. You will be able to move more freely whenever you wish, because you understand the vehicle and know exactly what its shortcomings are.

Don’t plan to take a trip for weeks on the road as soon as you have purchased your motorhome. Give yourself time to get used to the vehicle and know what you would like to customize. After that, you can travel freely in any season, with the understanding that you’ve taken care of many of the problems that could arise.


Industry Improvements

The problems with RVs have been recognized by the manufacturers, who are working to improve the quality of the motorhomes that consumers receive. RVs are built by hand, as houses and because of the number of types, there is greater variation and room for error.

The RV Technical Institute which was recently opened in Indiana is a training center for American RV technicians. It aims to make existing technicians more skilled and train new technicians to offer services in dealerships around the country.


Adjusting Safety and Quality Standards

The majority of the industry is connected to the supply chain in Indiana and relies on wood and other materials that have always been used there. No minimum standards exist with respect to the quality of materials, although they are in place for areas such as electrical work, plumbing and air conditioning.

This helps to create quality issues because wood absorbs water and other materials are susceptible to the environment.

Manufacturers say that it’s difficult to change that because adjustments may give a competitive advantage to one RV manufacturer over another. Manufacturers are focused on shortening their repair event time so that known problems can be fixed quickly.

Consumers should always educate themselves about the challenges that can arise with respect to maintenance before they make a purchase.